Our Story

Ke Aha Vineyard is part of the Association of Vineyard Churches, USA, a growing community of churches 600+ Vineyard congregations in the US, 2,400+ Vineyards in 95 countries internationally, and approximately 300,000+ people world-wide who consider a Vineyard their church. You can check out the Vineyard movement at www.vineyardusa.org.

In August of 2000, Ke Aha Vineyard welcomed all comers to a garage. White plastic chairs and a tiny garage housed the first 12 people who gathered there. Five locations, five cycles and 19 years later we are gathering people who love to hang out together, eat together, talk-story together, worship God together, support and encourage one another. Kahului, Maui is a former plantation community that has been transformed into a resort and hospitality community, so our congregation is a diverse ethnic assembly of Hawaiian, Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Puerto Rican, Mexican, Tongan, Samoan, Marshallese, Scot, Irish, German, other Pacific Islanders, mainlanders and international visitors, and just about any mix of the above you can think of. Maui houses a junior college, so our congregation at this time is an assembly of young adults, most of whom are first generation believers who have grown up inthe church.

What is Ke Aha all about?

Christian writer and theologian Henri Nouwen once defined ministry as, “One person following Jesus and inviting others to come along.” Another less known theologian and pastor, Leopold Waiau I stated it a more humble way, “It’s one beggar telling another beggar, where the food is at!” Ke Aha takes a family approach toward in walking out a personal relationship with Jesus. Ke Aha takes a tribal approach in working out its place as a place of refuge and healing. Ke Aha takes a communal approach as an agent of kingdom change in the island community. We take both and individual and collective approach in going about following Jesus closer, nearer and dearer.